My Father's Daughter is a true story of the battle for survival of an American family from the early 1600s, to today. From defying the odds of fate while pioneering a new country they developed new family traditions of courage and strength in learning how to survive and live with today's hereditary cancers of Lynch syndrome.

     Lindy Bruzzone takes the reader to the days of early America as her family pioneered a new land and learned to adapt to the challenges and life-threatening situations of living in a new and different land.

    Bruzzone introduces the lives of the generations of family members who learned the boundaries of their strength and character while founding a new country, battling for survival, fighting in America's wars and eventually dying of cancer.

       My Father's Daughter tells the story of Lindy and her brother Jim, who live differently than her father, and his father, and his mother, and her father, and all those others in between. Unlike his parents or the members of her mother's family, who were plagued with a familial breast cancer syndrome, neither she nor Jim did not spend a lifetime waiting for cancer to strike. They confronted fear and uncertainty. 

      Bruzzone takes the readers into the dangerous prisons and upon the volatile California streets that became her lifeline as she lives life on her terms and flirts with danger, defying mortality and taking control over an uncertain fate.

      She introduces the reader into the cloistered lives of the criminal, where she supervises them in the notorious Soledad and San Quentin Prisons and later in the violent urban neighborhoods where she works as a parole agent, monitoring the most violent of California's criminals. It is a training ground in learning to adapt and to develop survival skills.

       Eventually, Lindy works as an investigator and embarks upon a genetic journey, after cancer strikes. Step-by-step, she details her symptoms, the fear, the treatment, the preventative measures, and the annual screenings she undergoes to live. Lindy delves into the past to find what is behind the cancer deaths in her family and to save the lives of her loved ones. She then dives into the present, with genetic testing. She takes the reader through the process of her genetic counseling experience and provides a guide to assist others to better live with Lynch syndrome.

       My Father's Daughter is not just a book on Lynch syndrome and hereditary cancers, but a story of survival. 

        Sometimes heartrending, sometimes tough, sometimes funny, and sometimes action filled My Fathers Daughter shows the reader how she lives with Lynch syndrome and the differences existing when she was diagnosed twelve years earlier, and today For those journeying through the difficult challenges of life, Lindy offers an understanding of how to protect one's self. 

        My Father's Daughter: A Story of Survival, Life and Lynch Syndrome Hereditary Cancers, 2019 edition will be available through Amazon, Kindle, Nook, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and many book stores in March of 2018. It can be ordered in bulk discounts through Backfire Publishing Co., which offers savings incentives to educational facilities, reading clubs, medical institutions, non-profit organizations, and clinics. It is available through special order at most book stores internationally.